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It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for Heavy T’s Grow Show!
Listen in tonight at http://DuffFreeZone.com between 7-10 PST.

You can call 562.653.0707 to get on-the-air with your indoor gardening questions.

Heavy T’s Grow Show is the Only LIVE Talk Radio Program that invites gardeners from around the world, whether newbie or advanced to call-in and ask your hydroponics and indoor gardening questions. For participating, let Heavy T know you shop at HydroShack Hydroponics in Houston and for You the Listener, Heavy T will hook you up w/ FREE GROW GEAR–just for phoning it in and it will be sent right here to HydroShack for pickup. Every Wednesday 7-10pm Pacific Standard Time from Long Beach, CA.

Nearly EVERY CALLER WINS Top Brand Grow Gear LIVE Wednesday’s 7-10pm PST from Long Beach

Call The Show: 562.653.0707

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Who’s “Heavy T’s Grow Show”?

Host Heavy T operates indoor horticulture stores & distribution companies in the hydroponic industry.  A tremendous background in the field, “T-Dog” rocked the hydro world by introducing “Heavy T’s Grow Show” after a need needed to be met in a such a rapid growing industry.  Innovation, dedication, design, heart & the LBC have completed the circuitry for what those who know him–those who call him: “Heavy T”.

Co-Host Horti-Control Kris has invented products proven highly beneficial, consistently surpassing expectations, and always meeting the consumer w/ dedication and quality in the horticulture market. With a taste for stand-up and a thirst for the environment–  Horti brings the hands on knowledge and trial ‘n error to tell you how to get growing good and how to get “getting” your product to market.

Vinny Stone, long time hydroponic enthusiast, and has a broadcasting background in talk radio in Los Angeles.  Armed with a permit to operate a 50,000 watt radio station; playing operator, air talent & green thumb extraordinaire–Vinny has earned his spot on Heavy T’s Grow Show as your Executive Producer.

So Who & What is the Duff Man?

The Duff Man IS human and IS a curse. A one of a kind plague. This Co-Co-Host to “Heavy T’s Grow Show” is really f’in LUCKY that Heavy T & the Gang ever re-considered his wretched ass on the show to broadcast his bullsh*t. Fortunate for him it’s good to educate those on the show and the listeners; this retarded evil that lurkes in EVERY GROW COMMUNITY–Listen closely & regularly to identify these rat trolls and keep them far away from you, your life, your person–YOUR GARDEN!

Following Duff’s Advice = A Moron